“I started my journey with Tony back in February 2017.  I had a goal to lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday that year. I was new to the whole take care of me fitness realm and to be honest being an overweight almost 40 year old woman the gym scared me to death.  I was uncomfortable in my own skin and pretty much kept my thoughts and feelings locked away deep down inside and hoped I could workout without feeling embarrassed.  I walked in with a goal but no clue on how to achieve it until I had my 1st appointment with Tony.   Tony exudes positivity and a genuine desire to help other humans unlike any other person I have ever met in my life.  If I never would have had that 1st class with him I would not be where I am today.

In that 1st meeting he listened to what I wanted, made notes and he knew I was brand new to all of this and never placed judgment, my biggest fear. He immediately started sharing ideas on how we could tackle my goals slowly and get me comfortable with being uncomfortable.  He did not just toss me on the floor and have me doing reps.  He was thorough and broke down every detail of why we would do what we are doing and how it was beneficial for me and my goals.  I decide to take a leap of faith and signed up for sessions twice a week with him.

There is no magic pill to erase the bad choices instantly BUT there is something better.  Working with Tony gave me back my sense of pride, accomplishment and self love that had been lost for a long time.  He not only would set up a personalized session but he would go through the reps and show me how to do them if I was not comfortable.  Once I started getting more comfortable he would introduce me to new, harder things and I loved it!

It is like nothing else you’ve experienced.  Those sessions provided a magical feeling even though I was tired and sore.  When you work your behind off with Tony every session, even on days you just don’t want to you start realizing that you can and you are doing things you never thought possible.  That feeling my friends is worth every ounce of sweat, blood and tears that no magical pill could ever offer you.

Tony was the match that lit a fire that to this day is still burning brightly.  I not only hit my goal of losing 40lbs I crushed it and ended up 67lbs down.  After an entire year of working with Tony my goals grew and I wanted more.  It no longer was a weight loss journey it was an entire journey of becoming a better me.  Since starting with Tony and learning who I truly can be I have ran  (10) Spartan Races of all the distances, (9) 5K races, (2) 4 milers, Completed (2) 110 floor stair climbs, (2) 10ks a Memorial Day Murph and (1) Half Marathon as of June this year.    

There is a quote that resonates with me every time I reflect on how Tony has helped shape my fitness goals and my life these past few years.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony

Thank you will never be enough for the doors Tony has opened for me and allowing me to believe in myself again as that is a priceless gift. Tony you are angel on this planet and gift to anyone that has the pleasure of working with you.” 

– Jeannie D.

My journey with Tony Newberne began in September 2017.  Growing up and into early adulthood, I never struggled with my weight. I am 5’1’’ and was able to maintain my weight between 105-115 lbs. My husband and I were married when I turned 28 and began trying to have children when I turned 30.  This journey led us down long path including diagnosis with hypothyroidism and unexplained infertility. This resulted in multiple medical procedures, hormonal therapy and the loss of 9 babies.  During this time, my father was diagnosed with metastatic merkle cell carcinoma (rare skin cancer) and passed away in February 2010.  Being an only child & true daddy’s girl, this was extremely difficult on me and my entire family.  The experience of hormonal changes, stress & grief led to my increased weight, fatigue and poor self-esteem.  I am also a nurse practitioner and felt I was being a hypocrite to the patients I have the privilege of taking care of on a daily basis. I hit my breaking point on a work trip to Austin, TX in October 2015 reaching a maximum weight of 164lbs.  I initially began my journey with another trainer, but did not have much success. My husband initially found Tony in May 2017.  I was leery of giving it another try, but decided to take the leap. We immediately connected and thus began my fitness journey. I truly feel that it was a divine meeting. Tony has been my fitness accountability partner, motivator, teacher, trainer, and has become my confidant and friend. I would NOT have made it this far without him. He is truly a LIFE CHANGER!!! My husband, Scott, and I have continued to help motivate one another at home as partners together. He has said to me on multiple occasions…’Tony motivates us to be the best version of ourselves.’ Tony’s unwavering support has given me the ability to keep going when I have become tired in my journey. I have also made my training sessions, fitness classes & clean, healthy eating a part of my daily work schedule. My employer, colleagues and patients know that getting to the gym each day is a priority for me. Their support to get me out of the office on time each day has been remarkable. I have lost at total of 50 lbs and dropped by body fat from 42% to 18% and kept the weight off for over 2 years now. My fitness journey is nowhere near completion at this point, but I know without a doubt, that my time with Tony Newberne has been truly life-changing and I will be eternally grateful for the impact it has had upon my life.” 

– Leah S.

“As we all wonder how we can be stronger and healthier, my life changed with that thought.

This one day, back in May 2017, I walked into a gym and there stood Tony Newberne. He asked me how he could help. Looking back at that moment that is where it all started. I knew Tony wasn’t going to just be that normal check off the box trainer.

In most testimonials this is where most would tell you there weight, the inches that were lost or the BMI numbers, but not so fast, what you have to realize is this continues to be a journey that allows me to learn so much from Tony, like the strength training, the healthy eating and most importantly the internal wellbeing that he contributes on a daily basis.

Throughout my journey with Tony, I have seen the personal drive and hunger for improving my health increase immensely. The strength training that he has implemented, truly is one of a kind.

So when I look back at where I was and where we are going as a client and trainer combo. This is an experience of a life time and I can say it is TONY APPROVED!!” 

– Scott S.

When I got pregnant with Sophie I was terrified to exercise, and after I was left too fatigued to workout like I used to. I met Tony Newberne after I walked into my local gym, ready to do the same thing I always did… an hour of cardio, when he invited me to take his class instead. My cortisol levels were at an all time high, and my diet consisted of processed nutrisystem meals. I felt awful. His energy and dedication to getting me healthy has changed my life and the way I look at fitness forever. The first picture was 5 months into my pregnancy with Sophie and the last is 8 months with Olivia. Thank you Tony for being here for me every week through this pregnancy and being such an amazing friend” 

 Chloe H.

“My journey with Tony began on August 6th, 2018. I approached him a few days before about whipping my body into shape. I had already lost 63lbs and was at my all-time lowest weight that I was very pleased with, but I knew my body wasn’t strong. I had been watching both my boy’s workout with weights and gain muscle. As a woman I wanted the strong muscles just not the bulk and that’s where Tony came in. I was not coming to him blind. I had already seen and continue to see what he is accomplishing with my 24-yr. old son who has been training with him since April 24th, 2017. My son came to him at a low time in his life. He had some health issues with his stomach that the doctors could not figure out and he also needed someone that he could fully trust and share his life concerns with. Him and Tony built a very close relationship through working out and Tony took the time to listen and get to know him. Tony came up with a nutrition plan that we believe saved his life. Doctors had no idea how to treat him, so they put him on acid reflux pills and wanted him to talk to someone because they felt it was all in his head. How very wrong they were! Today he is a healthy young man that has come out of his introverted shell. He is at a healthy weight with a strong body and has been completely healed!! Tony is not only my son’s trainer, but he considers him a big brother, friend, mentor and counselor. This man is not just a trainer to our family, but he is family!

He took this 52yr old female under his wing. I signed on to a 3x a week strength training plan and can now call myself a strong woman. I never in a million years thought I would be saying that I absolutely love lifting weights and doing all kinds of pushups. This is all because of Tony. Some workouts are hard and sometimes I feel like a failure, but he is always encouraging me and lifting me up, sometimes literally off the ground. LOL I’ve learned that no workout is a bad workout. I have a stronger body because of him and will continue to get stronger under his guidance. I

There is no place like home than at the gym with our phenomenal trainer, Tony Newberne!!”

-Annette & Gage H.

“My name is Debra, I’ve been a student with Tony and his Tallions for about a year, It has been a remarkable journey for me. I have lost between 10-15 pounds and remarkable amount of inches working out with the team. In the past I’ve struggled with doing planks, and push-ups and didn’t have much upper body strength, I have improved in all areas thanks to Tony pushing me beyond my weakness I have gotten better. On June 15th I had a Horrible fall down a complete flight of steps, due to this continuing training that I had been getting with Tony my life was spared thank God he puts the right people in the right places at the right time. My doctors explained to me had it not been for the on going strength training I could have broken many parts of my body. Thank you Tony for doing what you do!”

-Debra G.

“Connectivity, Results orientated, and Client Awareness, are some of what Tony brings to his Professional Trainer program.  Until I met Tony, I was getting ready to end my membership at the fitness center.  Working with Tony resulted in building my confidence as I begun my journey in getting healthy.  My weight loss, better eating choices, and my decision to continue to work with Tony contributed to a fast a healthy recovery from an invasive surgery.  By the way; did I mention his wonderful personality and humility, that too is a part of his training program.”

-Rosalind F.